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2013-2014 Schedule

Sep 11, 2013   Harold McAleer    Near/Far/Old/New/Borrowed/Blue
Oct 09, 2013  Dave Whitney     The Horn of Plenty
Nov 12, 2013  Dean Smith Pounding the Skins
Dec 11, 2013    Joel Wechsler    Ragtime-Beyond the Maple Leaf
Jan 08, 2014    John Clark   Lost In The Reeds
Feb 12, 2014 Norm Michols  Video Favorites from 20’s Jazz
Mar 12, 2014   Peter Gerler New Orleans Jazz - Today
Apr 09, 2014     Nick Ribush     Australian Jazz: The Melbourne Sound Part II
May 14, 2014   To Be Determined.   To Be Determined.
May 28, 2014 End Of Season Live Performance Artist: Dan Gabel's High Society Orchestra
 Where: Bemis Hall – When: 7:00 PM – Public Welcome!!!



JAMborees at CJALL

Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library
Tarbell Room
3 Bedford St. Lincoln, MA
3rd Saturdays, 1-5pm

Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library presents a series of live trad jazz jams in which local musicians gather in informal ensembles to play classic traditional jazz.

Every 3rd Saturday of the month from 1-5 pm a regular core of trad jazz lovers gathers in the elegant Tarbell Room in the Lincoln Library for an afternoon of jamming to the tunes of the ‘20s,’30s & ‘40s.

All are welcome, be they amateurs looking for an opportunity to leave their lonely livingrooms and play in a group, professional musicians seeking an opportunity to play in these days of dwindling paid gigs, or audience members wanting to enjoy listening to old time jazz.


Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library



   WHAT? - Monthly Open-Mike Trad-Jazz Jam

   WHY? - Fun! – Fun! – Fun!

   WHEN? - Every Third Saterday of the Month,  2 - 5 pm.

   WHERE? - The Lincoln Library, 3 Bedford Rd, Lincoln

   WHO? - Musicians, old and new,& trad jazz fans


Info: - 781-259-8325


Eve Welts interviews a fellow Walthamite - Steve Taddeo, band leader and colorful drummer, for CJALL, Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library in Massachusetts
January 2013



There has always been a group of people with a keen interest in classic jazz in our small town of Lincoln, MA, a suburb of Boston, but it wasn’t until 1983 that Ellen Sisco, a librarian at the Lincoln Public Library, came up with the idea of starting a jazz program under the auspices of the library. .. .. .
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CJALL Would Like To Extend a Special Thanks To:
The Friends Of the Library

With out their support this could never have happened! 

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