Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library
30 Years
More Than 300 Presentations

There has always been a group of people with a keen interest in classic jazz in our small town of Lincoln, MA, a suburb of Boston, but it wasn’t until 1983 that Ellen Sisco, a librarian at the Lincoln Public Library, came up with the idea of starting a jazz program under the auspices of the library. Several jazz enthusiasts in town embraced this idea and got the ball rolling with the first session in the fall of 1983, when eight people gathered at the library to listen to the music of Louis Armstrong, played on LP records and narrated by a local jazz expert.From this humble beginning, the group grew to some 40 people and the jazz presentations came to be known as CJALL (Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library). Meetings are now held monthly, September through May, with each program hosted by a local jazz lover, who gives a lecture on some jazz topic, illustrated by music played on LP records in the early days, then on CDs and more recently on DVDs. Each season ends with a live jazz concert.The 2010-2011 CJALL season was our 28th We are currently planning our 29th

Classic Jazz at Lincoln Library (CJALL) is a loose group of jazz fans that gathers at the library in the evening every 2nd Wednesday of the month, starting in September and ending in May. Programs consist of an audio or video presentation and discussion of classic jazz. The final meeting in May is a live concert. During the past 26 years, there have been more than 300 jazz programs at the library. CJALL gatherings are friendly occasions where jazz lovers can meet and enjoy our wonderful American music. Meetings are open to the public.

We hope to see you their!

CJALL Would Like To Extend a Special Thanks To:

The Friends Of the Library

With out their support this could never have happened!